MORNING COFFEE 25 - valentine bandit

by Susan Weber

He trudges down the street at dusk, a truck length ahead of me, gift bag strung from his unclad hand. Why wear gloves when a balmy V-day lingers, harbinger of prodigal spring? Something in his bearing says he’s not one to spend much thought on the benefits of outdoor finery. From blackened cowl to snow white shirt untucked, trousers pooled around his ankles, sneakers splayed like an urban penguin destined for the sea, this young man is on a mission. His boutique bag spangled in red and white, passed now from one slack fist to another, beckons me to follow. See where his footfall takes him, watch his beloved open the door, perusing gift and giver, taking them inside.

Photo by Johntex CC BY-SA 3.0