FROM NOW ON 10 - freedom

by Susan Weber

To eat drink work goof-off feel pray at will. To decide minute by minute how to use the breath we breathe. To love whom or what or as we please. To leave well enough alone as in nobody's socio-political-religious platform bossing our ethics into narrow pathways. As in she is heinous for saving a mother's life, he's demonic for voting Trump, they are despicable for X-Y-Z. To not judge, gloat, presume, or indulge any other ego self-inflation.

Freedom from and freedom to do-si-do and little-lambs-eat-ivy. Look no further than your slick magazine; the photo of the refugee camp at the edges of a war-torn faraway situation may be a crack house fifteen minutes from your door. To celebrate with sparklers and hot dogs this idea that you or I have earned by hard work, superior intelligence, or better faith all the choices dumped at our feet in a heap of forgiveness for being so small of understanding, so tall of sanctimony, and so roundly misinformed about our kin.

Let freedom ring once and for all the world so true that even our ears, muffled as they are by noisy virtue, wind up hearing in stereo high-fives one clear note of wisdom crushing in.

Photo by Vitaliy VK CC BY-SA 4.0