With every word and gesture, the storyteller reveres the ancient art. She understands that listeners are as eager to add their own movements and sounds as they are to plunge into the world the story creates. She invites her listeners into the story and revels in their enchantment.

Stories enlarge perspectives, personalize history, build vocabulary, spark curiosity, celebrate teamwork, teach empathy and empower both teller and listener to inhabit endless possibilities.

A professional musician, songwriter and storyteller with over two decades of teaching artist experience, Susan Weber is recipient of The Center for Arts-inspired Learning’s Sunshine Award for excellence in arts education. She was featured in documentaries presented by Time Warner's ArtsQuest and The Rainbow Channel and has been recognized with the Great American Song Contest honor award, Best Female Singer Songwriter award from the Cleveland Free Times and numerous film and video awards.

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Susan Weber of the Center for Arts Inspired Learning tells Ohio stories with Wellington fourth graders and multi-cultural folktales with Cleveland preschoolers. Stories build vocabulary, personalize history, enlarge perspectives, celebrate teamwork, reinforce empathy, and build character.

Susan Weber brings stories to life with Elyria kindergartners. Students make artistic choices through gestures, sounds, words, music and imagination. They learn about story structure, characters, settings, themes and other language components.