Susan Weber is a writer, musician and teaching artist. She has received the Great American Songwriting Contest Honor Award, the US International Film & Video award for Best Original Music and the Cleveland Free Times Music Award for Best Female Singer Songwriter. Her critically acclaimed recording of original songs, Monet's Orbit, was named a Top Ten album by Cool Cleveland.

Susan's teaching has been recognized by the Center for Arts-inspired Learning, the Cleveland Municipal School District and the H. Barbara Booker Montessori Center.

She lives with her husband in Cleveland, Ohio where she writes fiction and connects with her readers online.

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The triskele symbol, named by the Greeks for its three-legged swirl, has circled the planet on coinage and flags. Foodies, gamers and jewelry makers affix it to their wares. By the time Susan Weber joined the other fans of the triskele, she had long been claimed by two immersive loves.

Her first great love was water. As kids, she and her siblings had sprouted gills in a land-locked mid-west neighborhood pool. Summertime was a wild, wet escapade of joy.

Her second was the acoustic guitar. In her youth it claimed her, just like swimming had in childhood. The sound of the strings and the feeling of moving through water brought her to the same place, where time stops and serious play begins.

Like a wave cresting, the triskele symbol seemed to ask, “Won't there be a third immersive love?”

There would be. In fact, there always had been. Stories had drawn her in from an early age. She had played inside them, emerging with a truer understanding of life. Now the ancient swirl was pointing her toward writing.

The triskele is her symbol of water, sound, and words. Breathe deep. Dive down. Stretch out. Surface to a world transformed.